April 23, 2020

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Zenagui Brahim
President, NH MEP

NHMEP Offers Virtual Training and Resources to Assist Manufacturers

CONCORD, NH -The manufacturing industry is facing different challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and NHMEP is stepping up to help affected businesses in several ways.

Critical Supplies
In order to meet the high demand of critical supplies, we are connecting manufacturers with each other and with the right suppliers to produce gowns, face shields, masks, and more.

Staying Lean, Efficient and Profitable through Virtual Training Workshops
Manufacturing businesses are always focused on improving, but during such an unprecedented crisis, it is now vital that they run each department at peak performance to ensure profitability. With so many companies working remotely, manufacturers can benefit from virtual training in order to improve productivity and efficiency. NHMEP has transformed all their live workshops into low or no cost virtual training webinars for a variety of courses like ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training, 5S Basics – Workplace Organization, Value Stream Mapping, Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI), Sales to Stay Profitable. View all workshop events or to register, email Jill Duddy at

Workforce Challenges
In the present climate, manufacturers are trying their best to cope with either one of two opposing scenarios:

  • An overload of work with a lack of staff – OR –
  • Available staff but an insufficient workload which consequently leads to reduced staff hours and/or pay decreases to keep the business going

NHMEP encourages manufacturers of COVID-19 critical supplies to tell us about their workforce challenges. NHMEP is always available to consult with businesses and will provide solutions to their challenges. Additionally, NHMEP is collaborating directly with the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs (BEA), to address the needs of manufacturers affected by COVID-19.

NHMEP project managers are consulting with small and medium sized manufacturers – offering free service via phone, email or video conferencing to help answer questions, find solutions to difficult challenges, and connect companies with the resources they need.

We are committed to being your resource partner. Please contact us with any questions or challenges you need assistance with.


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