Company Background:

Founded in 1987 and located in Salem, NH, Micro-Precision Technologies (MPT) is an independent manufacturer of hybrid integrated circuits, multichip modules, custom semiconductors and high-precision thick film substrates.

Their current owner & CEO, Adrian Pyke, owned Aerospace Semiconductor, a similar company located in Lawrence, MA. Then in 2020 he bought Micro-Precision Technologies and merged the 2 companies into the Salem, NH facility under one name- Micro-Precision Technologies. They now have 15 employees who work out of their 8,500 square foot facility.

Micro-Precision Technologies serves industries such as defense, aviation, oil and gas, industrial electronics, microwave communications, medical, and commercial applications.



“Part of our market is the military market. More and more they are requiring CMMC compliance or at least demonstrating a path to CMMC compliance,” said Adrian Pyke, CEO of Micro-Precision Technologies. “It started to show up as requirements on some purchase orders and on specification they gave us. So we did it in response to their requirements or in expectation of their requirements.”

Adrian attended a business event where he heard a presentation given by Mainstay Technologies who happened to be the 3rd party CMMC service provider for NH MEP. He spoke with a representative of Mainstay who contacted NH MEP to help Micro-Precision Technologies with CMMC compliance. A representative from NH MEP contacted Adrian and they decided to move forward with the required CMMC assessments.



NH MEP with the support of its 3rd party service provider Mainstay Technologies would take Micro-Precision Technologies through the requirements of CMMC first with the Phase 1 – GAP Analysis, and then the Phase 2 – Policy, Procedures, and Program Design.

For the Phase 1 – GAP Analysis the Mainstay Information Security Team worked with Micro-Precision Technologies to perform an assessment and identify compliance, noncompliance, or partial compliance with each of the 110 components required of CMMC. Mainstay provided Micro-Precision Technologies a compliance report, along with in-person and over the phone consultations about the findings. This included consultation on a Plan of Action and Milestones Creation (POAM).

For Phase 2 – Policy, Procedures, and Program Design the Mainstay Information Security Team created the appropriate Corporate Information Security Policies, Procedures, Strategies and Plans for Micro-Precision Technologies that aligned with CMMC. Mainstay also made cost-effective, CMMC compliant technical mitigation recommendations.



“We now have our GAP Analysis, POAM and SSP for CMMC but recently some of the requirements have changed a little. So we will need to re-evaluate where we are and adjust and update our plan to meet these changes,” said Pyke. “But because of our CMMC status we were able to get further along in the quotation process with some key potential customers, and that is a good thing.”

The following results for Micro-Precision Technologies can be credited to having gone through the Phase 1 and Phase 2 CMMC cybersecurity requirements:

  • Retained sales of $500,000 over the last 12 months that otherwise would have been lost
  • Retained 1 job over the last 12 months
  • Cost savings of $5,000 in labor, materials energy, overhead or other areas that would otherwise have been spent in the past 12 months
  • Increased investment of $100,000 in new products or processes over the last 12 months
  • Increased investment of $60,000 in information systems and software over the last 12 months
  • Increased investment of $20,000 in workforce practices or employee skills over the last 12 months
  • Avoided $5,000 of any unnecessary investments or saved on any investments over the past 12 months
“Micro-Precision Technologies, Inc is very pleased with the NIST/CMMC compliance assistance made possible through the NH MEP program. NH MEP helped us identify a qualified supplier (Mainstay Technologies) who was able to work with us to tailor a NIST/CMMC compliance solution that met our needs and the needs of our Military customer base. I would highly recommend anyone embarking on this path to take advantage of the resources made available through the NH MEP.”
Adrian Pyke

Owner & CEO, Micro-Precision Technologies, Inc.

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