Team Involvement Problem Solving (TIPS)

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Eliminate Costly Performance Issues by Focusing Team Problem-Solving
The benefits of solutions developed by teams in the workplace are well documented. Employees have ownership in the process of finding solutions, but they also value the recognition from management of their contribution to the organization’s success.

Team Involvement Problem-Solving is an accelerated skill-building workshop and implementation event that trains participants how to effectively use a structured team-based approach to find and eliminate the root cause of costly performance problems.

Day One
On Day One, the introductory course trains participants in the concepts and application of TIPS methodology. A skilled facilitator challenges participants through team exercises to apply the TIPS methodology and to sharpen their teaming skills.

At the conclusion of Day One, participants:
•  Understand the utility of solving problems using team-based approaches
•  Learn techniques for generating new ideas
•  Learn how to use methods and tools for facilitating consensus decision making
•  Learn how to use a structured eight step problem solving model
•  Learn how to use a variety of problem-solving tools
•  Know interactive learning skills and meeting facilitation techniques

Day Two
The first day of training provides a solid education in how to use problem-solving techniques. However, the optional Day Two of the workshop provides an immediate payback to the organization as participants apply the TIPS methodology to eliminate an actual, costly problem in the organization. Through the second day workshop, the root cause of the problem is identified, and utilizing the techniques learned in Day One, participants resolve the problem, leading to a significant and instant ROI for the course.

The key benefits of this workshop, which is targeted to managers and staff, is the ability to permanently resolve costly performance problems in a team structure. Skills learned in the workshop can be applied to other problems and situations and participants are encouraged to continually use effective problem-solving in their jobs.

Time Wise workshops are proven experiential learning opportunities with unique, customizable tools that enhance participant ownership in the process. The Time Wise comprehensive approach to performance enhancement provides participants with the skills, and the mindset to create real organizational change and improvements.

Target Audience: Managers and Staff
Number of Participants: 18-20
Time Required: 8 Hours

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