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Supplier Scouting & Matching Program

NHMEP’s Supplier Scouting & Matching Program connects businesses with sources that manufacture or distribute products across the country to meet demand.

Because NHMEP is part of a national network of MEP centers linked through the US Dept. of Commerce, we have access to thousands of suppliers across the country. Our supply chain experts will work with you to understand your needs and match you with companies with a high potential to provide you with the right supply chain solutions.

This is a free referral program led by the MEP National Network. There is no cost to manufacturers or participants.

Once we provide you with a match, businesses and suppliers are responsible for communicating directly to purchase products. All parties are strongly advised to exercise due diligence when entering agreements and are responsible for ensuring the quality and regulatory compliance of all goods/services transacted.

Questions? Please feel free to contact NHMEP Manufacturing Sector Partnership Advisor Evania Verley at (603) 724-4771 or

To view a national list of products needed, scroll to the bottom of the page for our Open Opportunities section.

To participate in the Supplier Scouting & Matching Program, click the appropriate box below.

COVID-19 Resources

Manufacturing Resources

Have PPE Manufacturing Capacity?

Share your manufacturing capacity and capabilities for PPE production with the MEP National Network to become part of our national database and potentially be matched with companies who need your products.

Have Manufacturing Capacity?

Share your manufacturing capacity and capabilities for production with the MEP National Network to become part of our national database and potentially be matched with companies who need your products.

Annual Summit
OCTOBER 22, 2021

The 19th Annual Governor's Advanced Manufacturing & High Technology Summit

Interactive virtual event featuring workshops on urgent topics, challenges and solutions for today's manufacturing industry.

Mfg Month

NH MEP will facilitate virtual manufacturing tours for middle and high school students every Tuesday and Thursday starting October 5th.

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Open Supplier Scouting Opportunities from the MEP National Network

The following is a list of open supplier scouting opportunities from the MEP National Network. If your company has manufacturing capacity and is interested in producing any of the products below, please contact Evania Verley at


Opportunity Number Product Needed Product Synopsis Closing Date
2021-006 Board Games View pdf 10/5/2021
2021-076 Pipe and Fittings for Furnaces View pdf 10/4/2021
2021-077 Plate Burning for Furnaces View pdf 10/4/2021
2021-078 Plate Rolling for Furnaces View pdf 10/4/2021
2021-081 PVA Cloth View pdf 10/5/2021
2021-082 6 or 7oz Plastic Containers for Butter View pdf 10/12/2021
2021-084 Gasket / Molded O-Rings View pdf 9/19/2021
2021-086 Commercial Drying Copacker View pdf 10/5/2021
2021-087 64 Inch Transfer Paper Rolls View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-088 Tilapia Fish Food View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-089 Face Visor View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-090 Horse Grazing Muzzle View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-091 K-9 Konect Adjustable Belts View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-092 Electrospun Protein Sheets View pdf 2/15/2022
2021-093 Screen Printed Sewn Bags (50541) View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-094 Screen Printed Sewn Bags (50535) View pdf 10/18/2021
2021-095 Silanized Glass Plates 3″ x 5″ View pdf 10/22/2021


About NH MEP

New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership
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Phone: 603-226-3200

The New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, disability, age, political affiliation or belief. This nondiscrimination policy encompasses the operation of all educational and training programs and activities. It also encompasses the employment of personnel and contracting for goods and services.

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