Supplier Scouting & Matching Program

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Supplier Scouting & Matching Program

NHMEP’s Supplier Scouting & Matching Program connects businesses with sources that manufacture or distribute products across the country to meet demand.

Because NHMEP is part of a national network of MEP centers linked through the US Dept. of Commerce, we have access to thousands of suppliers across the country. Our supply chain experts will work with you to understand your needs and match you with companies with a high potential to provide you with the right supply chain solutions.

This is a co-investment referral program led by NHMEP at no cost.

Once we provide you with a match, businesses and suppliers are responsible for communicating directly to purchase products. All parties are strongly advised to exercise due diligence when entering agreements and are responsible for ensuring the quality and regulatory compliance of all goods/services transacted.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view products needed from companies across the country in our Open Opportunities section.

Questions? Please feel free to contact NHMEP Manufacturing Sector Partnership Advisor Evania Verley at (603) 724-4771 or

To participate in the Supplier Scouting & Matching Program, click the appropritate box below.

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Open Supplier Scouting Opportunities from the MEP National Network

The following is a list of open supplier scouting opportunities from the MEP National Network. If your company has manufacturing capacity and is interested in producing any of the products below, please contact Evania Verley at


Opportunity Number Description  Synopsis Closing Date
2021-021 Trigger Sprayers View pdf 05/07/2021
2021-026 Chopped Brass Wire View pdf 04/19/2021
2021-027 Plant Food View pdf 04/12/2021
2021-029 Aluminum Extruded Parts View pdf 04/07/2021
2021-030 Cooling Pump Prototype View pdf 04/07/2021
2021-031 Drive Roller View pdf 04/07/2021
2021-032 Lanolin View pdf 04/20/2021
2021-033 Infant Allergen Powder View pdf 04/13/2021
2021-034 Egg Allergen Powder View pdf 04/13/2021
2021-035 N95 Mask Materials View pdf 04/27/2021
2021-036 Disposable Consumer Health Care Product (Controlled Pill Dispensing) View pdf 04/22/2021
2020-033 Comez 609/B3 Knitting Machine View pdf 05/17/2021

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