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***UPDATE: Special funding through the CARES Act will cover 100% of the cost of this program per company between now and 9/30/2021.***

Use VSM’s to Identify High Impact Improvement Opportunities in Your Business

Value Stream Mapping is a Lean implementation event that involves creating a Value Stream Map (VSM) which is a tool that delineates and analyzes the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to a customer.

A VSM provides a way to visually see the entire enterprise in order to quickly identify wastes and performance bottlenecks

The methodology systematically takes your company from its current state of operations to a dramatically improved future state. Learn to—

  • Draw a current state VSM that shows delay and wastes in information and shop floor flows
  • Draw a future state map that shows the desired flows
  • Create a continual improvement plan to prioritize actions that lead towards the newly established future state map

Key Features

  • An icon-based process mapping tool
  • An educational component that facilitates knowledge transfer of the VSM methodology to participants
  • Access to Internet and client-site business technologies that provide a centralized team workspace for every VSM event
  • Team services include event management tracking, document collaboration, library of reference materials with document templates and real-time performance monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Understand the business case for using a strategy-focused approach to operational improvement
  • Rapidly identify and prioritize high impact improvement opportunities
  • Define baseline performance measures and monitor for sustainment
  • Promotes standardized best practices throughout your organization
  • Promotes a holistic approach to performance improvement that is more effective than fragmented approaches


  • Event “roll up” report for management that includes VSM maps and a continual improvement plan
  • Current state map
  • Future state map (ideal process)
  • Prioritized list of high impact improvement opportunities
  • Implementation plan for Kaizen Rapid Improvement Event (LE202)

Scheduling is flexible, convenient and fully remote. To learn more or sign up, email NHMEP Lead Project Manager Josh Treadwell.

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