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Stamping Technologies
The year was 1990 when Mark St. Gelais, now President of Stamping Technologies located in Laconia, New Hampshire, left his family’s business to start his own company. Borrowing $125,000 and moving into 1,200 square feet of space, Mark with one other employee started Stamping Technologies and went to work stamping out components for the electronics industry.

The first couple years were tough, but by year three things began to turn around. They hired two more employees and had moved into 2,400 square feet of space. Around that time Mark’s wife Johanna, while working for another company during the day, began doing the bookkeeping for Stamping Technologies at night. By year five she was working at Stamping Technologies full time as Office and Finance Manager. Then in 1997 they moved into 2,500 square feet of space. Finally in 2000 they moved into a 10,000 square foot facility which is where they are today. The number of employees has also grown to 25 and they are looking to hire more. Click here to read more.

Costa Precision Manufacturing Corp.
It was during the 1970’s when Jim Costa started his CNC machine shop- Costa Precision Manufacturing Corp. Then in 1986 Ed Zielinski bought the company and moved it into a 15,000 square foot facility in Claremont, New Hampshire. They only had 15 employees at the time.

The business grew rapidly and by 1998 they doubled the size of their facility. Today Costa Precision has a total of 32,500 square feet of manufacturing space, employs 40 full time workers and runs two shifts.

Costa Precision Manufacturing Corp. uses world class process design and development techniques, advanced assembly and testing procedures and superior 3D surfacing machining to deliver extremely high quality products to their customers. For over three decades they have serviced high profile clients in aerospace, defense, power generation, firearms, optics, medical and other commercial applications. Click here to read more.

The Rubber Group
The year was 1986 when George and Chuck Humphreys started The Rubber Group in Belleville, New Jersey as a distributor of molded rubber products. Then in 1991 the owners decided to move the company and its 5 employees to a less densely populated state, one where they felt had a better quality of life. They moved The Rubber Group into a 3,000 square foot facility in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

During that time some customers were having difficulty placing business with The Rubber Group. They needed certain products The Rubber Group as a distributor did not carry. But losing business was not an option for The Rubber Group. So seizing on an opportunity to keep those customers, they became a manufacturer of custom molded rubber products in 1994. That allowed them to retain business they otherwise would have lost while strengthening customer satisfaction.

Since then The Rubber Group has located to a 30,000 square foot facility in Rochester, New Hampshire where it employs 65 workers. The major markets they serve include industrial, oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, and medical. Click here to read more.

Brazecom Industries, LLC
Fresh out of college with a degree in Welding Technology and Metallurgy, Brandon Merron, President of Brazecom Industries, LLC went to work in the metals industry. After working in that industry for 13 years Brandon realized he wanted to do more with welding and be in control of his own situation. So in 2006 he and his wife Kim started Brazecom Industries, LLC and located it in a 1,000 square foot building in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

At the time they had 1 customer and by year’s end they had made $180,000 in revenue. That gave Brandon and Kim enough incentive to know they could make this work. By 2007 Brazecom expanded to 2,400 square feet of space and hired 1 other employee with additional part-time help when needed.

Today Brazecom Industries, LLC is located in a 10,000 square foot facility in Weare, New Hampshire and employs 9 full-time workers. From military, medical and commercial applications, Brazecom offers a wide variety of metal joining technologies and heat treating processes. They specialize in microwave components and assemblies that often require dissimilar metals and have the expertise and knowledge to deliver high quality parts at a competitive cost. Click here to read more.

Control Air, Inc.
What began in 1987 as a 3 person company housed in a 4,000 square foot building, ControlAir, Inc. founded by Donald Comstock, is now located in a 28,000 square foot facility and has 52 employees.

Control Air located in Amherst, New Hampshire is a global manufacturer of precision air pressure regulators, I/P transducers, E/P transducers, P/I transducers, valve positioners, air relays, volume boosters, air filter regulators and frictionless diaphragm air cylinders. Click here to read more.

Patriot Foundry & Castings
It was 2008 and Chris Leuteritz, Owner/Manager of Patriot Foundry & Castings remembers it well, “For years my wife Debbi and I worked as engineers and felt it was time to buy a small business of our own. We purchased a foundry specializing in nonferrous metal casting. Little did we know the company had serious obstacles to overcome.”

Chris and Debbi worked quickly to convert their facility into a 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art casting operation. They invested heavily into the company’s infrastructure and replaced or repaired almost every major piece of equipment. Most importantly, they dramatically improved product quality, consistency and delivery times.

Today Patriot Foundry & Castings produces nonferrous castings for large and small companies in a variety of industries. These include aerospace, automotive, biotech, electronics, firefighting, food services, imaging, instrumentation, lighting, marine/dock hardware, material handling, medical, packaging, power/hand tools, statuary services and water services. Click here to read more.

FiberNext LLC
With its humble beginnings out of company owner Craig Bowden’s house in 2003, FiberNext LLC began as a technical training company for the fiber optics industry. However Craig quickly saw an opportunity and soon FiberNext was building fiber optic cable assemblies. This led to more customers who needed training, as well as their technicians and OEMs. With the workload expanding Craig brought on Ryan Irving as a manufacturer’s rep and distributor in 2005. It did not take long before Ryan was hired as FiberNext’s Chief Operating Office and CFO. They continued still with training as an important way to reach new customers and develop lasting relationships.

Since then FiberNext has become a versatile turnkey solutions provider for any company working with fiber optics. The company provides a wide variety of both technical services and custom manufactured products to meet customer needs. They focus on three profit centers- manufactured products, parts for resale, and service. Their product offerings include custom fiber assemblies for any application, and a full complement of both passive and active fiber optic networking products. Click here to read more.

Whitney Brothers
For a company to be around for 112 years they must be doing something right. What began in 1904 as a manufacturer of wooden wagons and doll house furniture for children, Whitney Brothers grew to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Early Learning and Institutional Childcare wooden furnishings and accessories for schools, childcare centers, Head Start facilities, churches, libraries, museums, and residential homes.

Safety, quality, innovation and value are what Whitney Brothers prides itself on. All materials are made of solid hardwoods and solid plywood laminates sourced from responsibly managed sustainable forests. Their manufacturing techniques achieve smooth, rounded edges, employ the strongest woodworking joints and are finished by hand. Doors and frames are designed with extra wide spaces in between, and use full length continuous hinges to prevent a child’s fingers from getting pinched. They test all knobs, handles, hooks, magnets and moving parts to ensure they are smooth, rounded, and firmly attached to prevent breaking free under rigorous use. Finishes are state-of-the-art, safe, non-toxic, durable and meet the most stringent safety requirements. Click here to read more.

RP Abrasives
RP Abrasives, located in Rochester, New Hampshire began in 1996 as a business serving manufacturers needing metal deburring and surface finishing. In 2002 Joe Shean, now President of RP Abrasives, and his wife were looking for a way to move back to New England. He came across RP Abrasives and decided to purchase the company.

When Joe arrived at the company they were in a long-term contract with a large mobile telecommunication company polishing parts for their phones. This customer was more than 80% of their business. Then the bottom fell out. “It was late 2002 and we thought everything was going very well,” said Shean, “But six months later the customer told us they were moving production over to China.” Click here to read more.

Orion Entrance Control, Inc.
From its humble beginnings out of a garage in 2009, to a 17,000 square foot facility today in Laconia, New Hampshire, Orion Entrance Control, Inc. has become the premier manufacturer of technically superior, architecturally pleasing optical turnstile solutions.

Steve Caroselli, President of Orion Entrance Control had worked in the security business for 22 years. This was long enough for him to realize he needed to make a change and strike out on his own. His technical expertise and knowledge of buildings security led him to develop turnstiles that not only functioned properly but were designed beautifully. Click here to read more.

Circuit Technology Incorporated (a.k.a. "Cirtech")
Circuit Technology Incorporated (a.k.a. “Cirtech”) is a privately owned company in Merrimack, New Hampshire. The company was started by Claire Parker in 1984. Back then Cirtech had about 4 employees and focused on manufacturing electronics and low-technology consignment kits.

Cirtech has grown considerably in the last 30+ years. Today the company houses 60 employees at their company owned 17,000 square foot facility and offers a complete line of electronic manufacturing services beyond basic circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies. Click here to read more.

Ceramco, Inc.
After arriving in Boston from Denmark in 1973, Dr. Anders Henriksen earned his Sc.D. in Ceramic Science in The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Henriksen moved to Chatham, New Hampshire in 1982 and started a consulting firm called Chatham Technology. Later that year his passion for product development led him to start Ceramco, Inc., as turnkey OEM manufacturer of custom technical ceramics of complex geometries for customer-specific applications.

After Dr. Henriksen’s passing in 2006, his son Thomas assumed leadership responsibilities of the business. Thomas’s qualifications as a Material Scientist readily fit his role in leading the company’s R&D initiatives as well. Today Ceramco is nestled in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and employs 24 at their 12,850 square foot headquarters located in Center Conway. Click here to read more.

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