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Need to build your safety program? Want help getting started?

This training program is intended to provide entry-level leadership and management in safety training for general industry. Learn how to build your health and safety management system. Training will emphasize hazard identification, control, and prevention.

Event Details: 

  • Date: 2/24/21 – 3/31/21
  • Location: Webinar on Wednesdays
  • Time: 8:30 am – 11:00 am
  • Cost: $850

Who Should Attend:

This highly interactive series is ideal for those with responsibility for their organization’s overall safety compliance, programs, and training and is applicable throughout industries such as manufacturing, distribution, colleges, restaurants, hotels, healthcare, construction, and biotech.

Classes and Descriptions:

Class 1 | The OSHA Regulations

CEUs – 1.0 Hour of OSHAs Mandatory Introduction for OSHA 30 Certification

  • Review of why OSHA was established and what they enforce
  • Discover how to best manage a visit from OSHA and how to respond to a citation
  • Understand how fines are set and how much you can be fined
  • Review steps to set up a subcontractor relationship and associated risks
  • Explore a regional emphasis program
  • Learn how to use and navigate the OSHA website

Class 2 | Your Health and Safety Management System

CEUs – 6.0 Hours of Safety and Health Management Training, 2.0 Hours of Job Hazard Analysis Training

  • Discuss the benefits of the seven core elements of an effective safety and health management system
  • Brainstorm ideas for getting your employees involved in safety
  • Review why you should start with a job hazard analysis and effective ways to use it
  • Outline your safety committee’s role in the organization, with tips to promote effectiveness
  • Build a comparison of existing and current safety and health program standards guidelines

Class 3 | Recordkeeping, Investigations, and Inspections

CEUs – 3.0 Hours in OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements Review OSHA record-keeping requirements

  • Explore required safety training, frequency, and who needs to participate
  • Discuss how to manage an effective near-miss program
  • Demonstrate how to calculate and present documentation showing the value of safety training in the workplace
  • Explore the basics of safety training grants
  • Clarify what needs to be on an accident investigation report and how it may help abate a citation
  • Document what you should inspect every week, month, year through a tool to determine your inspection requirements

Class 4 | Personal Protection Equipment, Respiratory Protection, and Other Related Requirements

CEUs – 2.0 Hours of Personal Protective Standard including Respiratory Standard 1910.134

  • Certificate Review what PPE employers provide and how to choose the right PPE for your employees
  • Assess if a hearing conservation program is needed in your organization
  • Review the respiratory standard and choose the right PPE; determine what type of testing you need
  • Outline a medical surveillance program and the expense to implement
  • Describe the appropriate response to an electronic DOT audit, including renewal requirements

Class 5 | Emergency Action Planning, Workplace Violence, Your First Aid Team Fire Prevention, and Exit Routes

CEUs – 3.0 Hours of Emergency Action Planning, Exit Routes and Fire Prevention, 1.0 Hour of Workplace Violence – Survivor’s Mindset

  • Identify who needs a written Emergency Action Plan and types of emergencies impacted
  • Review why workplace violence/active shooter is #4 Reason for Workplace Fatalities
  • Describe the difference between lockdown and barricade, including a See/ Hear Something / Say Something discussion
  • Identify the key components of an emergency action plan
  • Determine which policies and training apply in an emergency action plan

Class 6 | Ergonomics, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid/AED, and Signs

CEUs – 1.0 Hour of Industrial and Office Ergonomics Training, 2.0 Hours Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

  • Define General Duty Clause
  • Explore strategies to decrease repetitive motion injuries in the workplace
  • Identify physical requirements for doing jobs in your organization
  • Review key components of an exposure control plan
  • Create a plan to set up your first aid team
  • Define AED Implementation
  • Discuss use of tourniquets and first aid kits

Class 7 | Electrical Hazards, LockOut/TagOut, Machine Guarding, and Hot Work

CEUs – 2.0 Hours of Electrical Safety Standard 1910.303 and NFPA 70e, 1.0 Hour of Machine Guarding Standard 1910.212, 0.5 Hours of Welding and Hot Work Standard 1910. 252, 1.0 Hour of Control of Hazardous Energy Standards 1910.147

  • Identify elements of an effective LOTO training program
  • Learn how to eliminate and decrease exposures to electrical hazards
  • Learn details of machine guarding using a fact sheet
  • Explore the Dos and Don’ts of hot work. Should it be permitted?

Class 8 | Forklift, Overhead Crane, Fall Protection, Confined Space, and Facility Inspections

CEUs – 1.0 Hour of Confined Space Standards 1910.146 Training, 1.5 Hours of Powered Industrial Trucks 1910.178 and Crane 1910.179 Standards Training, 2.0 Hours of Fall Protection Standards Training for General Industry 1910.22, 1910.23, 1910.25, 1910.27, 1910.67 and 1910.68

  • Outline what documentation is needed and required for training and/or certifications for forklift and cranes
  • Review fall hazards and options for abatement
  • Discover what resources you have already
  • Determine a confined space, permitted, non-permitted and program elements
  • Identify the necessary weekly, monthly, and annual inspections for your facility
  • Navigate and use the OSHA website resources and tools

For more information, call Jill Duddy at (603) 226-3200 or jilliand@nhmep.org.

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