LE202 Kaizen Rapid Improvement

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Accomplish Performance Improvement in Days Rather than Months and Sustain the Gains

LE202 is a Lean implementation event that involves a series of activities which follow a structured 10-step process enabling a team to achieve rapid, action-oriented improvements identified during the Value Stream Mapping Event (LE201).

Specifically, the Kaizen event addresses individual problem areas identified by Process Mapping, using the industry standard Plan– Do–Check–Act problem-solving model.

Learn to—

  • Solve priority problems identified by VSM
  • Bridge current state and targeted future state

Use intervention techniques to—

  • Reduce production lead time, inventory, and cost Increase available capacity
  • Decrease area footprint
  • Reduce order lead time
  • Reduce material and operator travel distance

The 10-step Kaizen process is a data-driven method of focusing on identifying and resolving specific problems related to the desired future state. Once these problems are identified and resolved, typical results are—

  • 50% improvement in productivity
  • 85% improvement in quality

Key Features

  • A Kaizen facilitator certified by the Time Wise Institute
  • All the materials needed for a successful Kaizen event are supplied — includes a complete set of forms, guides, and detailed “how to” instructions
  • An educational component that facilitates knowledge transfer of the Kaizen methodology to participants
  • Access to Internet and client-site business technologies that provide a centralized team workspace for every VSM event
  • Team services include event management tracking, document collaboration, library of reference materials with document templates and real-time performance monitoring.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively implement and sustain high impact improvement opportunities
  • Accomplish in days what other methods take months to get done
  • Reduce production lead time, inventory and cost Increase available capacity without additional capital investment Increase productivity and product quality at the same time


  • Comprehensive roll-up report for management
  • Kaizen storyboard (improvements)

Continuous improvement plan for sustaining improvements

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