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Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Program

Program Structure

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate program is a customer focused curriculum covering the disciplined Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C body of knowledge. Participants will learn practical methods and tools of problem solving in an interactive, real-world experience. Through hands on involvement and mentored project work within their job function this course teaches participants how to collect and analyze key business and process performance measures, identify system inefficiencies, clearly understand root causes and institute new standards and protocols which will ensure long term problem solution sustainability.

Certification Program Outline

Day 1 – Introduction to Lean Six Sigma/Define Phase

Day 2 – Measure Phase

Day 3 – Analyze Phase

Day 4 – Improve Phase

Day 5 – Control Phase/Test Review

Day 6 – Green Belt Test


Basic Algebra
Presentation Skills (Written, Oral)
Program Management Skills
Local Processes Knowledge
Laptop loaded with Minitab (MINITAB 30 day trial included)
Basic Computer Skills
Word Processing

Students can Expect:

Clear and intuitive classes focused on making Six Sigma simple and fun.
Workshops – Work as a team and as individuals on exercises.
Learn how to manage Six Sigma projects to get results.
One on One help as needed in between workshops.
Finish a project successfully with financial impact.

NH MEP also offers Six Sigma Yellow and Black Belt Certificates. For more information, email Training Coordinator Jill Duddy at

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