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Sales Workshops & Webinars

Selling to Value, Not to Price

Next Webinar: Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Cost: Free


75% of salespeople think they or their company are different. 3% of customers say they do it well. Most of the manufacturers we work with are in competitive markets. They have repeat business from a core base of clients that can represent 80% (or more) of their revenue. These customers appreciate the value you bring to the relationship. The sales cycle is shorter, there are fewer negotiations, and there is less emphasis on price. Yet, they don’t have a proactive plan to go and get more of these ideal clients.

Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Not taking the time to determine what markets or targets to focus on and why
  • Not understanding what will cause them to want to talk with you (value items)
  • Not knowing how to contact them to discuss the value items without wasting time
  • Spending too much time responding to less profitable opportunities to have time to prospect for new ones
  • Wasting time quoting opportunities that don’t convert (low close rates)
  • Relying on resellers and distributors who are quick to resort to features and benefits

If you are just requesting permission to quote or responding to requests for quotes without differentiating, you end up selling to price.  Your prospects need to know why they should buy from you and not someone else. You need to know these reasons and be able to communicate them with clarity to the right people.

If you want to get in front decision makers and catch their attention when they have a problem, and before they are talking to your competitors, this workshop is for you.

What we will cover:

  • How can I differentiate myself in a very competitive and mature marketplace?
  • What is the real reason your customer will buy your solution instead of your competitor’s?
  • How to determine what truly will differentiate you and your business in the eyes of the prospect
  • How to communicate your unique selling proposition to the right people who will help spread the word
  • How you can get your sales team (or distributors) to proactively prospect and get more and better appointments?

To register, please click below or for additional information, please contact NHMEP:

Eric Basta

Zenagui Brahim

Sales Training Collaborative Program

Learn the sales revolution that will transform the way your company wins business


The New Hampshire MEP Sales Training Collaborative Program is a 2.5 day course designed to equip companies with the tools, tactics and plans needed for the next level of sales and revenue. Led by an expert facilitator, this collaborative is ideal for manufacturers looking to accelerate sales growth – designed to develop new markets and a sales strategy to penetrate them or to gain more share in the markets you are in.

How it Works:

  • Collaborative consists of 4 to 6 companies interested in learning how to maximize their dollars on sales tactics.
  • Two opportunities for senior management from each company to meet and share best practices and provide discussion on areas of concern.
  • Led by an experienced sales facilitator, sessions include a training session to provide leaders with the tools and tactics they need to manage the implementation at their respective companies.

Day 1 – Assess your Sales Structure & Learn Options to Enhance (8 hours broken into two 4 hour day virtual sessions with all companies)

Day 2 – Specific Input, Sales Process & Tracking System Implementation (8 hour onsite or virtual session with each individual company)

Day 3 – Sales Debrief Session and Round Table to Share Learning Points (4 Hour virtual session with all companies)

**Next collaborative date TBD**

For additional information or to apply, please email Business Development Manager Eric Basta.

10 August

Technology Demonstration on Generative Design and Additive Manufacturing


Join us for a virtual presentation on the use and results of generative design and resulting demonstration parts printed by CCAT. Generative design mimics nature’s evolutionary approach to design. Parameters such as materials, manufacturing methods, strength and thermal requirements are defined, and the AI driven generative design process fully optimizes the design to best fulfill functional requirements.
17 August

Technology Demonstration on 3D Printed Parts Manufactured with the Desktop Metal Studio System for Defense Supply


Join us for a virtual presentation on the use and results of generative design and resulting demonstration parts printed by Berkshire Innovation Center/BSS Additive.
18 August

OSHA Safety Certificate Series

Webinar on Wednesdays

Need to build your safety program? Want help getting started? This training program is intended to provide entry-level leadership and management in safety training for general industry. Learn how to build your health and safety management system. Training will emphasize hazard identification, control, and prevention.

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The New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, disability, age, political affiliation or belief. This nondiscrimination policy encompasses the operation of all educational and training programs and activities. It also encompasses the employment of personnel and contracting for goods and services.

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Digital transformation (DX) promises increased competitiveness, optimized processes and profitability through big data, along with improved employee and customer relations. Gathering data is essential in the 21st century data-oriented environment and requires flexible, interconnected components. Businesses will need people with the specialized skills to implement and optimize all of this. Beyond that, each firm will have to work with its unique DX plans and existing IT environment.

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Across industries, New Hampshire businesses have been navigating the burdens of skyrocketing prices and difficulties obtaining essential materials since the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains.

Department of Energy Awards $3.7 Million to Address U.S. Manufacturing Challenges

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded $3.7 million for high performance computing (HPC) projects that address key challenges in U.S. manufacturing and materials development. As part of DOE’s High Performance Computing for Energy Innovation (HPC4EI) initiative, the 13 selected teams will work with the Department’s national laboratories to apply advanced modeling, simulation, and data analysis to projects that improve manufacturing efficiency and explore new materials for energy application.

Commonly Misused Terms in Cybersecurity

When I created the cybersecurity term database, which is the backbone of the NIST Cybersecurity Glossary, I was amazed at how much confusion there was about even ubiquitous terms like “risk” and “security.” There still is no real consensus of what the word “cybersecurity” means! So, I’ve compiled a list of some commonly misused terms in the field of cybersecurity (these are unofficial descriptions that are meant to be informative):

NIST Launches New Manufacturing USA Technology Roadmap Grant Competition

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Today, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a new competition for awards to support industry-driven consortia in developing technology roadmaps that will address high-priority research challenges to grow the advanced manufacturing sector in the U.S.

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