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Principles of Lean Manufacturing

The New Hampshire MEP in collaboration with
the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire present the following events:

Principles of Lean Manufacturing:
Using a dynamic simulated manufacturing environment, our experts will bring your team from a traditional manufacturing operation to a Lean manufacturing enterprise, eliminating waste and increasing productivity and profitability, allowing you to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Basic Elements of Lean
Traditional manufacturing philosophies stress high utilization of machinery and manpower with little concern for cycle time or manufacturing waste. Lean manufacturing focuses on creating greater production efficiencies by implementing value-added activities to minimize waste. By utilizing a simulated learning environment, workshop participants experience a complete Lean transformation and learn how to implement Lean principles throughout their own manufacturing enterprise.

Elimination of the Eight Wastes:
Lean implementation focuses on eliminating the Eight Wastes in manufacturing:

  •    Overproduction
  •    Inventory
  •    Wait time
  •    Motion
  •    Transportation
  •    Defects
  •    Inefficient process
  •    Production bottlenecks

By introducing and implementing Lean principles, your company can improve efficiencies, reduce waste, increase profitability and provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

Results of Lean Manufacturing:
Participants in our workshops have reported significant results after implementing Lean principles in their own enterprises including:

  •    90% reduction in lead times
  •    85% reduction in work-in-process
  •    85% improvement in quality
  •    50% increase in productivity
  •    50% reduction in floor space

Who should attend:
Business and manufacturing leaders who would like to understand the basic Lean concepts and start on the road to Lean Manufacturing. Companies that are interested in reducing their inventory, improving their overall quality, improving their on-time delivery performance, improving their productivity, and lowering their manufacturing costs. These include service organizations in healthcare, banking, education, transportation, travel, construction, hospitality, food service and distribution as well as small and medium-sized manufacturers.

See the Workshops page for dates and times.

New Hampshire MEP reserves the right to limit attendance to their public events.
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