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Core Value Self-Assessment

"In 90 minutes, we can quantify what makes your company valuable, and how to make it worth more, so you can build, sell, or simply enjoy running your business again."
Chuck Richards, CEO, CoreValue® Software


Successfully transferring or selling a private business requires the seller to provide the buyer with proof of “enterprise value (EV)” through a reliable measure of future profitability. Enterprise value tries to measure the true worth of a business and is often referred to as the “takeover value.” But conventional financial statements do not adequately identify and measure “intangible” value drivers, and this lack of transparency causes an information gap that can easily hinder transfers of ownership. Intangible company assets, such as brand, senior management, customer diversification, margin advantage, market share, barriers to entry and more, often turn out to be hidden significant value drivers.

How can CoreValue® Software Help You?

CoreValue® Software is a patent pending, proven web application that is available through NH MEP - along with confidential CoreValue® consulting and coaching services by experienced NH MEP experts - to assist New Hampshire manufacturers and selected other private businesses interested in quantifying and building their transferrable enterprise value. CoreValue® is both an effective assessment tool and platform from which a senior company leader(s) and NH MEP project managers can work together to quantify and build the intangible value of a business enterprise. If you think of your business as an engine, and that traditional financial valuations measure the outputs - the revenue and profit – CoreValue® quantifies the ‘gears’ inside the engine and the ability of those gears to work together to drive future revenue and profits at / or above their current rates.

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