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UPDATE: Many NHMEP programs and services are now 100% funded through the CARES Act. Learn more

This page is updated regularly to keep up with new information. Please feel free to contact us at any time by sending your questions or business challenges to info@nhmep.org or call (603) 226-3200.

Last Update: 03/12/2021


NEW Supplier Scouting & Matching Program 

NHMEP is committed to the challenges your manufacturing business may be facing during this time. In order to meet the high demand of critical supplies, we are connecting manufacturers with each other and with the right suppliers to gowns, face shields, masks, and more. NHMEP is playing a vital role in coordinating local, state and federal needs. This is a co-investment referral program led by NHMEP at no cost.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact NHMEP Manufacturing Sector Partnership Advisor Evania Verley at (603) 724-4771 or evaniav@nhmep.org.


Workforce Challenges

We are also gathering information on workforce challenges, whether you have a limited staff with an overload of work, or available workforce but insufficient workload. Tell us about your Workforce Challenges. Learn More

Virtual Services

Our services are now available online through virtual training workshops. With access to a vast array of state, federal and private resources, we are here to assist you no matter what your business needs are.

Email Updates

    5/7/2020 – NH Manufacturing Industry Update on COVID-19


    State Manufacturing Industry (Universal) Guidelines for Reopening 

    View the pdf from the Governor’s office. (updated 01/05/2021)

    Vaccine Updates

    View the pdf of New Hampshire’s state plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Paycheck Protection Plan Forgivable Loan Program

    Apply for the Paycheck Protection Plan Forgivable Loan Program directly through your preferred lender starting today.

    Application and Guidance: The US Treasury provides guidance on their website for borrowers and lenders. On this same page is the application for the PPP.  If you need to find a lender near you, please use the lender match tool on the NH SBA District website.  Note: self-employed 1099s and contractors will be able to apply through their local lender starting April 10th.  The US Chamber of Commerce shared a program training resource in Spanish.

    • Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) up to $2mm deferred: apply directly through the US SBA – https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/ – 1-800-659-2955 – disastercustomerservice@sba.gov.
    • EIDL Grant up to $10k: designed for eligible businesses and nonprofits who require an immediate advance. Must apply for the EIDL first and then you can go back in while the request is pending to request the grant. This will be reviewed and paid out within a few business days to your account. You won’t have to pay this back even if the loan application is denied.
    • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) up to $10mm: You will need to apply through your preferred local lender/bank directly. A loan max will be calculated for you based on 2.5x your average monthly wages. To have this forgiven, you need bring proof of 8weeks of approved wages (up to $100k/employee), rent, utilities and interest on certain debt such as mortgage interest forgiven to have what you have proof for forgiven up to the loan amount. Any amount remaining will be converted into a loan ofup to 4% interest andup to 10 year terms. Contact your local lender for the most updated information.
    • There is a process to refinance the EIDL into a PPP and if you choose and you will have until June 30th to apply for either. This will be done through your personal lender.
    • Consider working with a Small Business Development Center advisor to come up with the best relief plan for your business before applying: https://www.nhsbdc.org/covid-19-assistance.


    Seminars and Webinars on Relief Programs

    The NH SBA will continue to host webinars two times each day Monday-Friday at 9AM and 2PM and Saturdays 10AM and 2PM on relief programs into the foreseeable future.  Join by phone: Toll number: +1 (202) 765-1264, 522409519# Conference ID: 522409519 or Join Skype Meeting.

    Employee Retention Tax Credit Program

    This program is designed to help businesses that are closed or partially closed due to the crisis or have experienced greater than 50% in quarterly revenue losses. Note – employers who receive a PPP loan are not eligible for this tax credit. The US Chamber of Commerce has produced a useful infographic on the program.  Additional details are provided in the attached business resources and on the IRS website: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus

    Unemployment Insurance

    NH Emergency Order #5 temporarily suspends the 1 week waiting period for filing. Shortly following the order NH Employment Security issued guidance that claims made by impacted employees will be charged against a State of NH unemployment trust fund as opposed to the employer’s account. This Pandemic Unemployment Assistance will be state-administered but fully federally funded effective through December 31, 2020. If there are questions or concerns regarding employer charges pertaining to unemployment, contact NHES at 603-271-7700 and www.nhes.nh.gov.

    Families First Corona Response Act (FFCRA) 2-week Sick Leave and FMLA

    Eligible leave including 2 weeks per employee of sick leave under the FFCRA and an additional 10 of the 12 weeks of FMLA including the health insurance premiums are refundable via a tax credit. Note – this is separate from the Employee Retention Credit above. Please refer to the guidance released by the US Dept of Labor: Q&A and for Employers.  DOL Paid and Family Leave Guidance: federal workers and other employees.

    Beware of Cyber-threats and Scams

    There is a fast rise in fake CDC emails, phishing emails related to charity and fake vaccines, and counterfeit PPE. Please be extra diligent and report anything suspicious to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov and to the State of NH Dept of Justice Consumer Protection Bureau via email DOJ-CPB@doj.nh.gov.

    State of New Hampshire Emergency Orders

    As of today, there are over 78 different orders issued by the State of NH. View the full list here.



    State of New Hampshire Economy COVID-19 Business Resources

    Memorandum from the US Department of Homeland Security – Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response

    The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act


    Important Note: the CARES Act enables the US Treasury to implement PPP loans of up to 4% interest and up to a 10-year term. We last heard that the rate right now is around 1% for 2 years. Please consult with your lender on the most updated terms and rates.

    Senator Shaheen has compiled state and federal resources available for the different aspects of the CARES Act COVID-19 third relief package. This includes information pertaining to small business, taxes, travel, veterans, health care, access to protective equipment and resources for survivors of sexual and domestic assault.

    NHBEA Rapid Response Program (PDF)

    Business & Industry Association
    New Hampshire’s Statewide Chamber of Commerce

    American Public Health Association (APHA) COVID-19 Guidance 

    CDC: Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

    About NH MEP

    New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership
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    Phone: 603-226-3200

    The New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, disability, age, political affiliation or belief. This nondiscrimination policy encompasses the operation of all educational and training programs and activities. It also encompasses the employment of personnel and contracting for goods and services.

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    Press Releases

    No-Cost MEP Service Finds Domestic Suppliers and New Business Opportunities for Manufacturers

    Manufacturers know that searching for domestic materials and products can at times be challenging and expensive. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has only become increasingly difficult. As part of the CARES Act, NH MEP is offering a Supplier Scouting and Matching program to manufacturers to address supply chain disruption. This free service encourages a more competitive US supplier market and proactively finds business for manufacturers.

    Far-UV Sterilray™ President says Demand is High in Pandemic

    SOMERSWORTH — John Neister, president of Far-UV Sterilray, recalls that five years ago he and his team predicted the disinfection company’s products would be in high demand at the onset of the next pandemic. “But we never dreamed it would be something like this,” he said.

    Executive Order on Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers

    The White House announced on January 25, 2021 a pending Executive Order (EO) called Executive Order on Ensuring the Future is Made in All of America by All American Workers (link at the bottom). According to the announcement, the EO establishes a substantial role for the MEP National Network in the new administration’s plans to bolster American manufacturing. The EO establishes a priority at the highest levels to use federal purchasing power to support American manufacturers of all types and sizes, across the country.

    The Rubber Group Integrates Production Process with Value Stream Mapping

    Rochester – The Rubber Group is a customer focused custom injection, transfer, and compression molder of engineered mechanical rubber components like precision seals, vibration isolators, bellows and specialized over-molded components for a wide variety of industries. Last April, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had workforce losses and a 20% reduction of sales revenue from the Oil, Gas and Aerospace industries who were experiencing product slow-downs from their own clients…

    WS Dennison Cabinets Sees Host of Improvements since Implementing 5S Program

    Pembroke, NH – WS Dennison Cabinets has been creating custom cabinets for residential and commercial industries throughout New Hampshire and New England since 1986. When COVID-19 hit last spring, like so many other manufacturers across the country, Dennison was affected and lost some of their workforce. Looking to make production improvements, the company attended an NHMEP workshop that introduces the basics of a 5S Program, a lean tool which improves organization in a production environment.

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