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Focus on Continuous Improvement Leads to Continued Success for Keene Manufacturer
Ongoing Work with NH MEP Helps Make Markem Employees Improvement Experts

KEENE, NH - For the past three years the NH MEP and Markem, the world leader in product coding solutions, have been working on a Lean Enterprise Conversion project, training all of the company's employees on Lean techniques.

"As a result of Lean implementation, our production and administration areas, development and operations are a lot cleaner and more organized now," said Dan Belluscio, Markem manager of continuous improvement. "Early on in the project we used Lean techniques to clear nearly 20,000 square feet of the space on our assembly floor by moving to one piece flow and eliminating inventory. Changes like that help improve productivity and quality."

Now entering the fourth year of the program, most of Markem's employees have been trained in Lean. But rather than stop there, with a focus on continuously looking for ways to improve, management partnered with the NH MEP and the New Hampshire Community Technical College to train a cross-sectional group of employees to become certified in Lean techniques, qualifying them to train their fellow employees. A group of 18 employees including managers, production workers and office administrators from a variety of departments recently completed their training.

As part of the program the employees were able to apply what they learned in classroom settings directly into their work environment. One of the teams reduced setup time from 55 minutes to 12 minutes.