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December 5, 2003

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Manufacturers to get help with defense contracts
By KAREN SPILLER Telegraph Staff

CONCORD - The New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership is launching a new program that will help small- and medium-sized manufacturers in the state get involved with defense contracts.

The U.S. Department of Defense and its prime contractors will benefit by having new prequalified sources of supply, close to home and competitively priced.

Through new grant funding appropriated by Congress, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership is offering the service, called the New England Manufacturing Supply Chain, at no charge.

“The New England Manufacturing Supply Chain initiative represents an important step in re-energizing the manufacturing industry in New Hampshire and throughout New England,” U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg said in a prepared statement.

“New Hampshire companies participating in it will benefit from the support they receive, strengthening business opportunities that will enable them to not only preserve jobs, but create new ones as well.”

New Hampshire is home to talented entrepreneurs who have the vision to assist the Department of Defense meet new challenges, Gregg said.

The initiative will be anchored by a new proprietary database, which will inventory the technical capabilities and available capacity of all manufacturers throughout New England. The database will be used to match suppliers with procurement opportunities.

“In the past, many New Hampshire manufacturers have simply been too small to be very useful to defense contractors,” Marty Vincent, director of operations of the MEP, said in a prepared statement. “We will help them team with other manufacturers that might have surplus capacity or some unique technology.”

Major defense contractors will also benefit by having access to a new group of potential suppliers, without investing a lot of money in the process of identifying and qualifying new sources, Vincent said.

Part of the grant funding will be used to enable the MEP to contact every manufacturer in the state that might have something to offer the defense department or its major suppliers.

Manufacturers will submit selected company profile information directly into SupplyPoint, the database developed specifically for this purpose. As procurement requirements for various projects are announced, participants in the database will have opportunities to augment their data, and MEP engineers will be available to conduct on-site assessments, at no charge to the manufacturers – both in New Hampshire and elsewhere throughout New England.

While participation in the initiative is limited to manufacturers in the six New England states, they will have the opportunity to bid on defense industry opportunities from Original Equipment Manufacturers all around the country. New England’s smaller suppliers will have a new degree of visibility throughout the defense industry supply chain nationwide.

For more information, visit and click on the New England Manufacturing Supply Chain link, or call 603-226-3200.